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Celestial Romance - Wedding Theme Inspiration

Celestial Romance - Wedding Theme Inspiration

Setting: "The city was grand beyond compare, with styles of architecture which had before been lost to various eras of history. It gave it a sense of heritage, a convincing longevity which was yet to be acquired by this new world. In the midst of the political turmoil, the Queen made sure of this anachronistic aesthetic; reflecting the ideals of a fallen man. Silently, she was reviving his romantic nature. Through marble arches and colored glass, [they] survived."

Mood: Androgynous and cryptically beautiful. 

 The birth of celestial like lovers. 

The Reenactment of Juliet // ACT I

She was a form of life and light that when seen became a part of sight. 

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Her charcoal curves and convent grays in color...

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  She'd turn to wax and melt like this ... 

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 Celestial romance inspired wedding

Re-create this look: Nicole Spose 2017 Vintage lace gown / Nadia S Evening Satin white gown / Melinda Rose Design Custom Lace Cathedral Veil / Candle lit venue via Styled Notion / Melinda Rose Design Wild Rose Crown/ Mirna Jawahri Black Swan
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