Hourglass Planter, Ceramic (White, Black, Pink, Blue)

The Ceramic Hourglass Planter Porcelain Ceramic. Hand Finished Glaze. Modern Design. Drainage Hole, Rubber Stopper, and drainage cup (included). + MODERN STYLE: Offer your customers a plant pot that looks as good as their favorite houseplant. A staple for your shop. + HEALTHY DRAINAGE: Includes a drainage hole, rubber stopper, and drainage cup. + OPTIONS: 2 sizes & 4 trendy colors to delight your customers and the plants they love. + PROSPEROUS PARTNER: Healthy margin products for your plant shop, nursery or ecommerce store. Fast delivery and a friendly partner to help your business thrive. + 3 PIECE SET: includes a ceramic bowl (with drainage), ceramic pedestal, and drainage cup to catch excess water & dirt from drainage hole. Snug fit. High resolution photography available for your website and social media.