Stellea Haircomb

The Stellea Hair Comb is similar to the Celeste hair comb but is a bit bigger. An elegant hair comb made of delicate organic 925 Sterling Silver roots and flexible branches. Organic roots dipped in silver, attached to a silver plated comb. Various shapes of roots that make every comb unique. Inspired by the flora and fauna, the eternal branches will make you get in touch with nature. For the woman that wants to get in touch with her roots and wants to live her life to the fullest.

Using the Stellea Hair Comb in your hair
The comb can be worn in different ways, with roots growing in various directions. Because of the subtle silver colour, this headpiece will fit every hair colour and skin tone. With an easy hairdo, you can wear this luxury hair accessory on everyday occasions. As a bridal hair comb, this haircomb looks opulent with a chignon, an elegant knot on the back of your head. Put the hair comb on top and you are ready for your wedding day.

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There are many luxury hair accessories with delicate organic roots in the collection. If you are looking for a multi functional hair accessory, the Atria Head band, belt, and choker is what you are looking for. Handcrafted with fondness for the best quality silver. Or the Celeste haircomb we mentioned earlier, a smaller version of this hair comb, made of delicate organic 925 Sterling Silver roots and flexible branches. Captivating wearable art to be worn every day or bridal hair combs.

Order details.
All pieces are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for accessories and 5 weeks for bespoke design to be shipped. For rush orders, please email me at