Daughters of Simone - STEVIE

grade  2:

This garment has been graded a Quality 2.
- The Sample Sale dresses will range in quality, from very close to brand new, right through to pieces that have been well-loved samples, and are of a lower quality. Each dress has been graded with a ranking of 1 being the highest quality through to 3 being the lowest.
- Grade 2:
- Equals slightly worn condition; but easily fixed through alterations.
- Problems may include a few discolorations/stains around the hem; missing button in the back of the dress; a few loose threads near the hip area.
- Quality Inspection:
- Dry cleaning required; a few discolorations and stains around the hem of the gown.
- One missing button on the back of the gown.
- A few minor loose threads throughout the gown.
You can contact us for further details on the condition of this gown or schedule an appointment to try it on.