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Moisturizing Home Facial Recipe

Moisturizing Home Facial Recipe



With the winter season just ahead of us, it can be difficult to maintain the beautiful skin we were naturally born with. And with a holiday season, work overload, and just about a million other things that keep nagging for our attention- we naturally tend to keep caring for ourselves as the last option - we are all guilty of this! (us women, especially)


So this month we will be posting weekly home spa treatments that take absolutely no time to make with ingredients that we all typically have at home.


The first one we give you this month is my personal fav - The Banana honey facial!

2 ingredients, mix them together, apply to your skin, and voila!

20 minutes later you are not only smelling like a treat, but you are glowing like one too.


What other home spa remedies do you have to suggest to us?

Let us know in the comments section so we can share the love!



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